Necklace TIANA with Tsavorite, green, round (0,47 ct)



Stone type: Tsavorite (Garnet gemstone)
Color: green
Stone shape: round
carat: 0,47 ct

Chain material: gold 18 ct, 750 madagascan yellow

Stone origin: Andranovaky

This beautiful filigree chain necklace with a rich green tsavorite makes your décolleté shine. The rare gemstone floats weightlessly on the necklace and is a real eye-catcher from every angle.

The tsavorite used here has a size of 0.47 ct and sparkles with the necklace made of 750 Madagascan yellow gold.

The tsavorite's color palette includes a spring bright green, an intense blue-green, and a deep forest green. The tsavorite is not oiled or fired, because it simply does not need it. It has a very high brilliance by nature.

Another positive characteristic is its robustness. It has a hardness of about 7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it almost as robust as the emerald. Another positive is that it is not as sensitive as many other gemstones.

This plays an important role not only in setting, but also in wearing, because it does not chip as quickly as other stones. This allows for a variety of setting techniques.


Unlike conventional jewelry, you can wear MIADANA jewelry with a good feeling. Beauty, elegance and style are in no way in conflict with sustainability and conscious consumption.

Our gemstones come from responsible sources. In the case of our first jewelry collection, from mines in the east and south of Madagascar, where the cooperation with MIADANA offers the miners safe and conflict-free work.

All our gemstones are untreated and are cut on site in Madagascar by local workers and processed by goldsmiths into high quality jewelry.

The processed gold in the necklace TIANA comes from small-scale mining in Madagascar and is often a by-product in the prospecting of our gemstones. For the villagers, who live mainly from the sale of the gemstones and their agriculture, the small amounts of gold extracted provide a small additional income. There are no unnecessary middlemen to unnaturally inflate the value chain.

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